OneNote – let me count the ways…

OneNote is my personal favorite application in the Office365 suite.

Back in 2007, when it was just a desktop version, I couldn’t really find a good use for it because it was only on my computer at work or at home, and there was no way to connect them, so they lived in silos. As a result, I left it behind when Evernote came along, because Evernote understood that when we’re out and about is when we need our notes more than if we’re at the house.

Now that OneNote lives online in the cloud, I can access it everywhere from any of my machines, and now it’s become more useful to me. For my personal side of things I am still using Evernote though, just because I spent 5 years creating my notebooks and notes in there, though for work I find OneNote a very strong contender, and with its integration to the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite, it is the clear winner.

In all of my trainings about Office365 I talk about how it’s my go-to program. I love working in it. I love that it saves on the fly, and that it automatically syncs no matter which computer I happen to be using. I love that I can write up instructions for a video in OneNote, and then when I am recording that video I can pull up those instructions on my phone so that I can read them while I am clicking and moving the mouse along. That way I make sure I don’t miss a step and the users get a better quality video out of it.

In the next few posts I’m going to talk about why I love OneNote, and how you can incorporate it in your daily operations, with some exceptional integration with Outlook.