Effects of changing Office365 login – part 7: OneDrive sync client

Another rather inconvenient, though known, consequence was that the OneDrive sync clients on our users’ desktops would no longer work since the login and therefore the path had changed. Our divisional IT group decided to take this opportunity and upgrade everyone’s sync client to the latest one, so the instructions for that portion reflect that. If you ever need to go through a transition like this, you might also use that as an opportunity to get everyone upgraded. Here’s what we told our users:

  • Your sync client will no longer connect to your OneDrive. That means for those who access their OneDrive using the folder on their desktop will need to make some changes.
  • You will need to sign out of your Office programs and then sign back in with your “PID@starfleet.com” information so that your Office programs can continue to connect to Office365.
  • Your recent and pinned files in your Office programs may not be correct if they link to your OneDrive.
  • Any existing links to your OneDrive files (such as those you may have sent in an email) are likely to break, so you will need to access any files others have shared with you through the “Shared with Me” link on OneDrive.
  • Any OneNote files that live on your OneDrive will need to be reconnected. OneNote files on SharePoint should be largely unaffected.

Resolution Steps

General Rule of Thumb

Accessing documents using the O365 Web Apps works well and without issue. We recommend using the Web versions of the applications if you are experiencing issues. O365 Web Apps can be accessed by logging in to the Office 365 portal.

OneDrive Sync Resolution

MAC Users

  • OneDrive Sync Client for Macintosh Workstations and Laptops will have to be reinstalled.
  • Mac users will have to communicate with IT Support to reinstall the sync client.

PC users

Win 7 Operating System:

  • OneDrive Sync Client for Workstations and Laptops with Windows 7 Operating system will have to be reinstalled.
  • Windows 7 users will have to communicate with IT support for reinstalling the sync client.

Win 10 Operating System:

  1. Open application tray in the bottom right of your screen
  2. Right-click “OneDrive” and select settings
  3. Click Account tab and select Unlink This PC
  4. Click “Unlink account” tab.
  5. When unlink complete click Next
  6. Click “Use This Location
  7. Click Next to start the sync process
  8. Click Open my OneDrive – Star Fleet Folder
  9. Make sure all the checkboxes turn green as Synching takes place.