Forms: settings and sharing


Under the Send Form button in the Forms application, you can use form settings to specify deadlines, identify form responders, display correct answers for quizzes, and to set other preferences.

You can set the options for

  • Who can fill out this form (only people in the organization, or anyone with a link)
  • How to interact with responders (collect responses, apply a deadline, display the correct answers after the responders submit the form, and shuffle questions)


Once you have configured your form the way you want, you can share it with others, meaning you want them to complete the form.

You can share your form in several ways

  • You can copy and paste the link
  • You can email the link
  • Create a QR code that can be added to a flyer
  • Embed the form into an existing web page

Forms: Text, Rating, and Date

The rating and date question types are pretty self-explanatory, (just like most of the other question types).

The rating lets you choose between 5 and 10 point rating, and whether you want stars or a number. Woohoo!

The date field has no options. You just enter a date, that’s it. On the preview of the survey or quiz it has a date picker which is kind of neat.

Text Question Type

The text question allows for single-line, and multi-line answers. It also has the capability for making it only accept numbers, which you add by choosing “restrictions” from the ellipses menu.

Within the Restrictions, you have a drop-down menu with a bunch of different types of restrictions.

If you use the restrictions options, then I would suggest you add some kind of subtitle to the question that provides instructions for the end-user.

Forms - text restrictions

Forms: Quiz vs Choice

This post compares the Quiz and Choice question types.

Both offer the user the option of giving multiple choice answers. The main difference between the two is that Quiz has the added function of marking which answer is correct.

In creating a basic quiz for Office365/SharePoint I used mostly Quiz so I could mark correct answers. If you have more than one correct answer, you can select multiple answers and then mark more than one answer as correct.

Any time you have the option to choose more than one answer, it changes the radio buttons to check boxes. Where you have made multiple answers possible, you may want to add a subtitle to the question that says “check all that apply”. The subtitle option for any question is located in the ellipses menu.

For Choice, I wish there was a way to do a dropdown, rather than only have the radio buttons, just so we can save space. For the Department question for example, it would be nice to not have a 27-item list. You can add the multiple answers option but that just creates checkboxes and still lists all 27 in one long list. Generally, you wouldn’t have a multiple choice quiz question with 27 options, so that wouldn’t be a concern for me.

What is nice, is that you can switch between Choice and Quiz just by choosing the ellipses at the bottom right of the question, and setting it to Quiz, so you don’t have to retype your options if you change your mind.

For both Quiz and Choice you have the option of shuffling the answers or leaving them exactly as entered. You find this option within the ellipses. For my quiz, I left some as entered, and allowed the form to shuffle others. It’s nice to have the option.

Forms: so easy a caveman can do it!

One of the things I love about Forms is that the questions are so easy to edit. You just click on the question, and you can make any change you want to it.

Forms - Controls

You can also reorder the questions with ease by clicking the up or down arrows, and if you want to delete a question, just choose the trash can icon.

You can also copy an existing question and it will create a duplicate question underneath the current one, so you can have the same settings or the same answers, and then just change the question. This was very helpful for me because I had four questions with the same four available answers, but of course each question had a different correct answer. Using the copy function saved me time in typing up the answers over and over again.

Microsoft Forms – An introduction

This week I’m going to cover Microsoft Forms
It’s essentially an easy-to-use survey or quiz application.

App list from Waffle

Getting started is easy. You click on the “new form” button, and you are shown a screen that allows you to fill in a title as well as a subtitle for your quiz or survey.

Forms Title

From there, you click on “Add question” and you are presented with five options: Choice, Quiz, Text, Rating, and Date.

Forms - question options

The Forms app is pretty intuitive to use, and I’ll share some of the features as this week goes on. Stay tuned!