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Office365 / SharePoint Blog

This blog is the brainchild of committee of sorts. In January 2016 I took on the role of SharePoint Architect/Administrator for the Division of Student Affairs at Virginia Tech. Within the SharePoint Community, my title would be Site Collection Administrator, but that doesn’t mean a lot for our constituents, so we’re naming it Architect and Administrator because it means that I will be helping the division build and manage their sites.

Part of my role is to engage people in the use of Office365 and SharePoint. Virginia Tech adopted these platforms in 2014/2015, and the DSA started rolling it out in September 2015.

As a previous Education Coordinator for an online users group, I knew that I would be incorporating tutorials in my plan – using existing resources or developing my own tutorials specific to the division. I shared this idea with the committee overseeing the collaboration culture change and they asked if we could take my name and use the familiar phrase “It’s All Greek”. I loved the idea and I even have a monkey on my desk with a T-shirt with “it’s all Greek to me” that someone gave to me a long time ago. They loved the idea of using the monkey as the spokesperson for this training blog/site/whatever form it will take.

What to expect on this site

My goal is to provide short snippets of training for basic SharePoint Online and Office 365 use, as well as share some of the more advanced tips and tricks I am learning as I go.

While much of the content on this site will be from tutorials and tidbits that I post on my work site, some content will be exclusive to this site for security or other reasons. Overall you’ll find that my writing style can have a tone of sarcasm, and I can be a little long-winded in my attempt to provide context.

A bit of background

As head of marketing at a for-profit career college, I began using SharePoint in 2007 to manage the day to day operations within the marketing department, which served 30 campuses. In addition to using SharePoint to manage the calendar, vendor contacts and task list for our department, we used it to provide an electronic reference for marketing activities for the campuses, which was used for accreditation and operation purposes.

When I joined Virginia Tech in 2015, committee members working on the SharePoint implementation project found out about my prior experience with this platform and they recruited me to join. From there, I participated quite heavily in the discussions and implementation plans, which led to me taking on the role of SharePoint Business Architect and Administrator for the division of student affairs.

I am a certified Google Suite Educator as well as certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. I regularly conduct workshops or training sessions to educate others in using G-Suite and Office 365 collaborative platforms.



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