Excel: select all cells with one click

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Excel is a powerful tool that will let you do just about anything with data. I use it all the time to parse data, and take a lot of features for granted.

I happened to be sitting with someone working with Excel and they wanted to select the whole spreadsheet. I showed them they can click on this little box, and it felt like I had just told them they won the lottery. It was like Christmas.

I love it when I can make someone’s day, so here’s hoping I can make your day as well.

Between column A and row 1 there is a little box, which contains a triangle in the corner. Clicking in that little box will select ALL the cells. You can accomplish the same thing with short-cut keys Ctrl + A.

Excel - select all using the mouse

I use this feature often when there are format changes I want to make across all cells. For example, when I want to resize all of the rows, or if I want to make all the font settings the same for the whole spreadsheet.


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