Use Dock to Desktop to keep your note on the forefront

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Docked notes allows you to keep your note front-and-center while you work.

Using the docked notes, I can research and review what I am doing, or keep notes of the steps of a process.

I often use the Windows + Arrow keys to split the screen in two so I can view OneNote and the browser side by side, but using the docked notes option removes all the application clutter that comes with that.

To show what that looks like, here are the screen shots for both options. You can see how using a docked note can be a much cleaner way of working in your OneNote.

To activate the docked notes option:

  • Go to the View tab
  • Choose Dock to Desktop from the Views section

OneNote: Dock to Desktop Option

Example of “side by side” view

OneNote - Side by Side View

Example of “docked to desktop” view

OneNote: Docked Note

The docked note stays in the same place, no matter which applications you’re using elsewhere on the screen so it saves quite a bit of time switching back and forth between OneNote and other programs.


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