Change your page colors in OneNote

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The standard OneNote setup has a blank white page, which personally, I am perfectly fine with. There have been times though that I like a little bit of variety with my page. Especially when I need to write on it with an actual pen using the stylus on my phone. I thought you might find it helpful to have a few tips on how you can customize your OneNote experience.

Change your page colors in OneNote

Switch up your notetaking experience in OneNote by changing the page colors. Page colors options are pastel colors in various rainbow colors with pastel pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples.

Changing your page colors is very easy:

From the VIEW tab, choose Page Color to pick your color.

OneNote: Page Color showing various pastel colors

Using colors can be helpful when you’re working in multiple pages at once using multiple OneNote windows – to help you keep track of which page you’re working on.

Or, you may just prefer a default page color over another because it helps your text feel more readable


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