Organize your OneNote: Using Sections

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When using OneNote it’s important to come with a way for you to organize your information for easy retrieval. In a previous post I talked about using Pages as a primary means for organizing your work in OneNote and I noted that within my various notebooks I have several sections that contain more than 100 pages yet are still very easily managed.

Using sections to organize your content

Yet sometimes pages isn’t enough and more sections need to be created. My decision to move beyond one section to another is based on a distinct separation of topics, or workflow.

For example, blog posts and tutorials to me are very different. While both are informational in nature, tutorials tend to have a more instructional format and also tend to be quite a bit longer. I purposely don’t mix the content between blog posts and tutorials so that I can keep the different types of content separate. I also keep video scripts separate because creating videos, like creating tutorials, is a task that’s very different than writing a blog post. Meeting notes are also separated in a different section, but I might have multiple people separated by asterisks in one big section. I could have had meeting pages within my topic sections separated by asterisks but I found it easier to put all the meeting notes in one place rather than have to hunt for them in multiple sections.

Find your own way to organize your content

Your choice of when you move from one section and multiple pages to having multiple sections is a personal one should help you with separating and organizing your work. For me, it needs to make sense to create a new section and there should be sufficient content to create a new section. If you find you have lots of sections with only one or two pages each you might want to consider going to the Organize your OneNote: Using Pages post and reviewing how that works.

Creating new sections.

Create a new section by clicking on the + tab, and then give your new section a name.

One Note: Use the Plus Sign to create a new section

One Note: a highlighted section name which you can change

Use the Add Page feature to create new notes on that topic.

Page tab showing a line of asterisks followed by TOPIC TITLE another line of asterisks then two page titles: Info page one and info page two


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