Removing the checkbox field from list views

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

When you create list views, you always end up with a little check box field that you don’t really need nor want, but it shows up anyway.

Its purpose of that check box field is to allow you to select the item so that you can edit the properties, but in some cases you just don’t want that. You just want the link to the document or item and don’t want the check box thing in your way.

It was bugging me but not enough to really find a solution, until today. Last week I had a great session with someone who uses a screen reader for their work and I discovered that SharePoint is EXTREMELY lacking in its accessibility compatibility. We reviewed all kinds of site configurations that I had created in the past to see what the reader could see and what it couldn’t.

It appeared to me that any page I had created using XSL tended to work fairly well, but that any regular SharePoint table was hampered by the little checkboxes that appear on the left. I sought to try XSL on a document library and the little check box still showed up, now as a hovering thing that moved the text over on the screen.

Long story short: a very simple “on/off” switch in the Tabular View section of a list view.



The default shows this as ON and turning it OFF limits the user in being able to perform bulk actions. Before automatically turning this OFF, think about the end user and what their needs are. I am hopeful that making this change will help make pages more ADA compliant to generate a better user experience for those with screen readers. I will keep you updated as we find more “fixes” for screen readers.


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