Effects of changing Office365 login – part 8 (conclusion): Other Office Applications

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This post will conclude an 8-part series on the consequences of changing the login for Office 365. Overall, the effects of all these changes were fairly minor, partly due to the upfront communication everyone received, and partly because we still were not heavy users. Our IT people were on hand to get the sync clients up and running, and while I did need to help a few folks with OneNote anomalies, very few people had issues reconnecting their OneNote files. It also helped that SharePoint files were pretty much unaffected, which was another reason why we push for the use of SharePoint rather than OneDrive for our division.

Here are some other notes we found when working within the Desktop Office Suite, for your education:

Effects on Other Office Applications

If you receive a warning message while working on a document indicating that the sync is failing or asking you to sign, do the following.

  1. Check the account used by the application by going to File/Account. If “PID@w2k.starfleet.com” is being used, then sign into “PID@starfleet.com”.
  2. Now click “save as” and browse to appropriate location in your Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Locate the document you are working on
  4. Click “save” and application will update the path of saved document to match your new account
  5. If you are concerned that you have changes that may be lost, you can save the document to new location, confirm your changes are present, and then delete the older file

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