Effects of changing Office365 login – part 5: Contact Detail Web Parts

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

This is a series of posts of what you can expect if you change the login for Office 365 in your company after roll out.

Today’s post is about an unexpected consequence that, just like the Delve one, is pretty reasonable once you think about it, and affects the contact detail web parts on all of your SharePoint sites.

The contact detail web part shows a picture (if available) of a user, and has link to their Delve profile. It’s a built-in function of SharePoint. Those profiles were all linked to @w2k.vt.edu profiles which of course no longer exist.

So, you’ll need to connect with your site owners to update all their contact detail web parts if they are using them on their sites. If you have any subsites that have contact pickers, they will need to be reviewed and updated as well.

Updating a contact detail web part:

From the EDIT button in the top right hand corner of your page:

  • Choose “Click here to add or modify a contact”
  • On the Contact Details Tool Pane, click on the little address book below the contact field.
  • Type the person’s last name in the Find field and hit Enter.
  • Pick the correct person and choose OK.
  • Click OK on the Contact Details Tool Pane.
  • Save the page.




I need more than one contact on my page

Each contact detail box only allows one person, if you have page that needs to list two contacts and only one is listed initially, you will need to add a second contact detail box.

The way to add the second box is to first click where you want that second box to appear.

Then go to INSERT, then WEBPART.


Under Social & Collaboration there’s a Contact Details web part that you add to the page.


When you edit the contact, there are two things you need to do.

  1. Add the person to it
  2. Under APPEARANCE, change Chrome Type to None. That will hide the header of the web part. You’ll still see the header while you’re in edit mode, but it will go away when you save the page.



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