Effects of changing Office365 login – part 1

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Back in March I wrote a post about “how not to roll out SharePoint” and I said I would share some of the ramifications of changing the login procedures.

When our central IT folks initially set up SharePoint for us, they added the characters w2k between the @ sign and the email extension. So, in Star Trek language: jtkirk@starfleet.com became jtkirk@w2k.starfleet.com.

Then, at some point, they removed the w2k requirement, and had it go back to jtkirk@starfleet.com. So, what are the ramifications of this change? Quite a few, and I figured I would spend a little bit of time this month going through some of the changes we experienced, just so you are educated on why NOT to do things this way.

Un-training everyone

After training everyone all this time to insert the w2k as part of the login process, it’s almost sad that we get to un-train this annoying little addition, right? Euh, NO. I for one am glad that we removed that little barrier to adopting SharePoint, and that we no longer have to be conscious of our behavior every time we log in.


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