Handy One Note shortcuts to create checklists

While OneNote is a great notetaking tool, and I spend most of my time in it, if you’re using it only as a place to store meeting or work notes you could possibly be missing out on some of its immense power.

OneNote is a great tool to create checklists, and thankfully, incorporates some shortcuts that make it even easier.

To create a simple check list, use Ctrl + 1 (i.e. hold down the control key and press the number 1) to create to do items.

OneNote: Sample to do list

OneNote: Tag OptionsThere are lots of other tagging options for you to choose from as you can see from the list here, and if this is not enough, you can also create customized tags.

If you use the highlight feature to color your text, consider using a highlighting tag, such as Remember for Later, or Definition, or create your own. You can add any available Shortcut keys to your custom tags as well.

If you later want to get a quick list of all the tags you’ve created, right-click on one of the tags, and choose Find Tags. That will generate a panel on the right hand side of all the tags and the content tagged for each type of tag.


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