Creating and using email templates in Outlook

Outlook Email Template - Save Template

When you have to send the same content in an email over and over again it can be helpful to create an email template that you can use to save you time.

This tutorial can also be used for when you frequently need to send an email to a the same group of people, and you need to place some of them in the TO field, and other people in the CC field.

You can leave the body blank in that case and just pre-fill the To and CC fields. I hope this helps.

The Scenario

As I am working with the Housing & Residence Life team to get their Resident Adviser Duty Schedule site up and running we’ve identified a number of users who need to activate their Office365/SharePoint user licenses. Sending a mass email to the group did not quite yield the results we were looking for, and so we’re now sending individual emails to the users. So far I have sent 43 individual emails to these users, and I am sure there are more to come. Sending these emails manually involves copying and pasting the subject line and content 43 times and adding the copied recipients 43 times.

The solution

To help me get these 43 emails (and others like it) sent a lot faster, I created an email template so I don’t have to do all this copying and pasting.

Create the template

Templates are easy to create: you simply draft the email like you normally do. In other words, click New Email from the New Group on the HOME tab, type the message, adding any attachments, pictures, formatting you need. If you always carbon copy certain people, you can add them as well.

Outlook Email Template - Sample Email

When the email is ready, click the FILE tab and choose Save As in the left pane. In the dialog box, give your file a name, and choose Outlook Template (*.oft) from the Save As Type drop-down.
Click Save and close the mail window. You may be prompted to save it again. You don’t have to.

Outlook Email Template - Save Template

Using the template

When you’re ready to use the template, instead of using New Email, use the New Items drop-down from the HOME tab, choose More Items, and then Choose Form

Outlook Email Template - Retrieve Template

From the Look In: drop-down choose User Templates in File System

Outlook Email Template - User Template

Select your template, and then click Open. From here, add your recipient, a greeting, edit your message if need be, and hit send. While it’s a tad tedious to retrieve the templates sometimes, in the end, it does save you quite a bit of time if you’re needing to send the same message over and over again.

Outlook Email Template - Select Template


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