Using promoted links in your SharePoint pages

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Promoted links are a way for us to display our links in a pictorial format. I like promoted links because they are a little interactive when you mouse over them. It’s also nice to use an app to link pictures, so we don’t need to handle this through uploading images and linking them individually through HTML.

SharePoint: Promoted Links Example

There is a bit of a trick to setting them up. You need to upload the images into a Picture Library or SiteAssets Library and then keep that library open while you’re creating the promoted links so you will know the URL for your image. However, once it’s set up, the more enhanced user experience makes up for any issues you might have with creating it on the front end. The above links look so much more pleasant than the links below, don’t they?

Keystone Experience
High-Impact Practices


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