All Day Events in Outlook

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Using All Day events in your calendar can be very helpful to remind you of important events or dates without cluttering up your calendar.

To create an All Day event, go to your Calendar in Outlook and click on New Appointment.
Click the All day event checkbox beside start and end time to indicate this is all day event.

Outlook’s default status for All Day events is FREE, so creating an All Day event still keeps that time as FREE on your calendar. This makes sense and is actually quite handy, because most of my All Day events have little to do with my availability on a certain day.

In my previous work life, before we moved it to SharePoint, my calendar was the team’s calendar, and thus was shared with everyone in the department. I used All Day events to capture my team’s out of office notices and birthdays, term start dates and other events of note.

So while it is handy that I am not marked out of the office when creating All Day events, it does mean that if I actually do want to mark myself unavailable for an entire day, I need to manually set the status for that event to out of office.

Outlook: Meeting Options

From within the Options section of the MEETING tab, change FREE to Out of Office. That will generate a little purple rectangle next to your appointment on your calendar and will also populate your unavailability to the organization when they use Schedule Assistant to set an appointment.

That way you can be sure that nobody invites you to a meeting when you’re supposed to be at your relative’s wedding. Yes, that has happened.


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