Scheduling Assistant in Outlook

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

With many of us keeping our office calendars in Microsoft Outlook, scheduling meetings becomes much easier, especially when you use the Scheduling Assistant.

You can find the scheduling assistant in the SHOW section in the MEETING ribbon when you create a New Appointment.

Under the All Attendees box, you can enter each invitee on a separate line. Doing so will generate a number of blue BUSY boxes, some striped TENTATIVE boxes, and/or some purple OUT OF OFFICE boxes next to their name, indicating the times that they are busy or free.

Most of the time when using the scheduling assistant feature you should be able to find some meeting slots on the calendar that work for everyone, but the more varied the calendars, the more difficult that becomes.

The Scheduling Assistant has some more advanced features which I will cover in a future post.


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