Embed Files into OneNote to keep them handy

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Whether it’s a PDF or Word Document I need to proofread, or a video file that I need to watch and respond to, having the ability to keep these documents directly in OneNote versus keeping track of folders in a hard drive, makes my life a lot easier.

Oftentimes I am presented with an issue that a department wants to resolve, but I already know I won’t have time that day to take care of it, I move any reference files files into OneNote from Outlook, SharePoint, or someone’s shared OneDrive file, so that I can keep the file right there with my notes. *I also keep the links to those original files handy in case I need them for later.

I am able to file that document into the section of OneNote and it’s with all the other notes about that department.

You can attach files directly from SharePoint or OneDrive and place them into OneNote. In order to do so, you will need the location of your document library from your web browser.

What you need to be aware of is that the file in OneNote is a snapshot of the original file, and any updates in OneNote won’t reflect in the original file, and neither vice versa.

Some would say that is a good thing and therefore a welcome feature, and some would say it’s an unwelcome limitation. I am on the fence as to whether it’s good or bad, but I appreciate it for what it is… a feature of OneNote and how it works.

In some cases you may have an option to right-click the file and choose “Open Original” but that option is not available in all cases.

Next time you’re working in OneNote and you need to reference a file, try embedding it directly into your page and see if that makes your work easier.


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