Creating a Current Year View in SharePoint

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SharePoint can handle some date calculations on the fly. One of those is to use [Today] which lets you create upcoming views or past views based specifically on today’s date. Such as, use [Today]+7 to generate the next 7 days. Or use [Today]-21 to give me a date from 3 weeks ago.

SharePoint is not so good at handling current week or current month, or even current year. I created a blog post for the current week in a previous post, as well as a post for the current month. Today I am sharing the formula for creating the current year view.

Just like a week view, we need to create a YearStart and a YearEnd field to gather the beginning and end of the month.

Both of these columns are calculated fields.

The formula for the Start of the Year is


It’s essentially an EXCEL formula that works in SharePoint. To break apart this formula, let’s look at each part:

The Date Formula gathers the YEAR info, then the MONTH info, and then the DAY info.

The above formula then essentially says:

  • Give me the Year from the Created field
  • Then give me the first month (1)
  • Then give me the first day (1)

The formula for the End of the Year is


Which tells SharePoint to do the following:

  • Give me the YEAR from the Created field
  • Then give me the 12th Month
  • Then give me the 31st day

Applying these columns in a Filter

The next step is to use these dates in a filter so it will show you the current month.

We do that through the use of VIEWS

In the filter section of the view, use the following references:

Column: YearStart is less than or equal to [Today]

Column: YearEnd is greater than or equal to [Today]


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