Announcement List: Connect via RSS Feed

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A number of SharePoint features connect to Microsoft Outlook using the “Connect to Outlook” button. The Announcement app is not one of them. However, Microsoft has given us the capability to use RSS feeds to connect announcements to Outlook.

In SharePoint

Go to the Announcements page on your favorite SharePoint site and from the LIST tab, choose RSS Feed.

SharePoint: RSS Feed

Copy the link in the browser’s address bar

SharePoint: RSS Link

Open Outlook

From the File Menu in Microsoft Outlook, click Account Settings, followed by account settings again.


Click on the Feeds tab, and from the feeds tab, click New

SharePoint: RSS Feeds, click new

Paste the address in the location field on the RSS Feed in Outlook

SharePoint: RSS Feeds, blank location box

Click Add

SharePoint: RSS Feeds, filled location box

From here, you can use Change Folder to have the feeds deliver to a specific folder in your inbox, or you can leave them separate in an RSS Feed folder.

SharePoint: RSS Feed Confirmation Screen

To change the folder where the feed delivers, click on the Change Folder button.

In the New RSS Feed Delivery Location box, navigate to your inbox, and click the little plus sign to expand your inbox.
Choose the folder where you want your feeds to deliver, then click OK.

SharePoint: RSS Feed - Change Folder


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