Pinterest as a productivity tool

In the past I did a post on Pinterest, and how I use it as my bookmarks system for capturing work. I have a couple of work related boards including Office365 resources, SharePoint Pages/Posts for specific references, and SharePointBlogs/Websites for general sites that I have found, that I keep an eye on and reference periodically.

My Pinterest boards come in handy sometimes when I need content for this blog, or if I need to solve a particular problem and I know I have seen an article about that problem. It’s a great filing system. When it comes to productivity tools, OneNote is my favorite productivity tool in Office365, and Pinterest is my favorite productivity in the realm of Social Media.

I am generally not a big fan of the “big brother” aspect of websites where they picks things I might be interested in, and in particular, advertisements based on my viewing history really bug me. Especially around Christmas time. So much for me trying to search for a gift for someone in my household. Next time I load my Facebook or another website, my cookies generate all kinds of ads for those gift ideas. Great way to keep my gift idea a secret, right?

In the case of Pinterest, however, I really don’t mind that it “helps” me. I cannot scour the web for everything related to a topic and so I am glad when Pinterest helps me out by presenting something that might be helpful to me. I have found some very special nuggets that way, and it continues to feed me new ideas.

So if you haven’t used Pinterest before or you haven’t figured out how a good way to use it, try it as a productivity tool. I think you might surprise yourself when you see the wealth of information that’s out there to help you do your job.


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