A look at the Site Contents screen

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

The Site Contents screen is a neat dashboard look at your site usage. First of all, you can see your site visits for the last 7 days, right there on top of your screen. The usage statistics report for the site is hidden in the site settings, so it’s nice to have those numbers front and center.

Site Contents: site visits

Next to the site visits block you have the most popular files on the site. You also have tips for using SharePoint. Today, my tip is to add a new document library.

Below those three you now have Contents and Subsites split out next to each other.

The Contents view lists all the apps on your site. This used to be displayed with large app icons. Now they have a smaller icon with the full name of the app next to it. I’m ok with either view, it’s just something to get used to.

The Subsites view gives you a quick pictorial glance of how many people view or access your subsites. I’m not sure what time frame the site is using, because comparing them to the site views dashboard box, the numbers are different. It’s still pretty interesting and I am glad they are providing this data in an easy to read format.

Site Contents: site views

I can also fairly easily see that we have quite a bit of activity on our SharePoint sites within our site collecttion: 21 sites have had some kind of change made in the past 24 hours. I’m pretty pleased with that number, so I hope our site owners keep up that momentum!


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