SharePoint Tasks Basics for site owners

Office365 / SharePoint Blog

Create a new Task List

Create a new task list web part by going to site content and clicking on “New App”. Choose Task List, give it a name (a short, one-word one first, and then you can change it later under Settings). Once you click OK, your task list will appear on the site contents page.

Like everything else in SharePoint, task lists can be customized to require and display custom metadata (columns). Your task list form will be unique to your settings.

Creating different views on a Task List

One thing I love about SharePoint is that I can view things a multitude of ways. Tasks can be shown as a straight list, as a gantt chart, as a calendar. They can be sorted by the team member or by project, all tasks, completed tasks, only my tasks, etc. I also love that you can get creative by showing a task list more than one way on the same page. For example, a marketing and communication calendar might show an actual calendar with tasks, but then can also show a list view right next to it to show you what the next upcoming tasks are. Play around and see what you can come up with, but definitely, tasks are a great tool in my tool belt.


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