Document Library Changes

Office365 / SharePoint Blog

Over the summer rolled out new features and improvements for the SharePoint platform.

One of these was the document library, and I have captured screenshots of their introductory screens for your perusal.

When I heard about these features I got quite excited – especially about the link piece because I felt it was a major missing piece for the document library.

Before the change I had been struggling with us having documents in various libraries, and the only way to add a link to a document in another document library meant that we had to add a new document type. Unfortunately, doing so, then wiped out the out of the box ability to create new files. Now that Microsoft had added the link capability as an out of the box features, it is be so much easier for us to interact with our files.

The pinning feature is also a welcome feature, because we often have one or two documents that need to be highlighted, and we’ve had to do that by creating a column that promoted or sorted certain documents to be at the top of the list.

I’m already seeing some departments in our division taking advantage of this feature. Take a look at the screenshots below and explore your own sites’ document libraries to see how you can enhance your existing listings.

Document Library: New Look

Document Library: Edit Metadata

Document Library: Save Views

Document Library: Pin Files

Document Library: Create Links


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