Copying and pasting from Excel into SharePoint’s datasheet view

Office365 / SharePoint Blog

SharePoint’s Quick Edit, or Data Sheet view can be a lifesaver when you need to copy and paste lots of information at once. Oftentimes data is originally created in Excel. Either you created it there because it can be easier to work in Excel sometimes, or some emailed you a spreadsheet with information that you want to import into SharePoint.

Just a note: copying and pasting from Excel to SharePoint ONLY WORKS IN INTERNET EXPLORER, so if you find yourself trying this trick and it doesn’t work, check the browser you’re using.

You need to make sure that the column order in Excel matches that in SharePoint, and that the column types match too. In order words, don’t try to copy text into a date field, or a date into a people & groups field. They need to match.

In your list view, there should be a field with a little check mark, which is your selector field. Within the datasheet view, that little check mark contains a tiny empty box to the left of your data. If you click on it, it will select the entire row. It’s best to paste when you have the row selected as shown here.

Datasheet - Paste

Sometimes if you have the cursor into the first field of the row, SharePoint will try paste all you information into that cell. By selecting the whole row, it will make sure the information will be pasted into each field.


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