Feedback from our people after SharePoint adoption

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

It’s been almost a year since I took this position of SharePoint Business Architect and Administrator for our division. We have seen quite a bit of use of SharePoint in that time, and we have also seen usage become more accepted and are finding a more positive outlook on this software.

I thought I would share some of the feedback from the site owners around the division.

“We have begun to share resources with team members via SharePoint and look forward to transitioning to that platform along with the Division of Student Affairs!”

“I have had a great experience so far, but have not delved too deeply into it. The challenge is setting aside time to learn.”

“We just need time to sit down and figure out how to implement it for our department.”

“We just need time to sit down and figure out how to implement it for our department.”

“SharePoint can be a little confusing—perhaps not as intuitive as I would like—but I am committed to making the system work because I believe it will be a useful tool for DSA and for our department.”

“We have used SharePoint in the past, we just need to familiarize ourselves with this new program. [We plan to use it] to have a central location for our policies and procedures.”

“I need to be very knowledgeable on this before I approach moving to this direction. This means finding time in my schedule to work with it outside the training I’m receiving. Finding that time will be another challenge.”

“It seems overwhelming at first, but with patience and the courage to try something unfamiliar, it’s a great system to use!”

“I plan to use it to get the word out there about [our] initiatives including resources and how various departments … can be involved. It is a learning process and we can all help each other get there!”

“I think it can be really useful for us. Be flexible and keep trying!”

“[Unfortunately,] on every project we want to use SharePoint for, we have non-VT users/members of that group [making it difficult logistically for us].”

“It has potential to allow us to access important communications within the DSA, as well as storage of frequently needed resources and documents within our team. [SharePoint] is not that scary 🙂 “


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