Use Case – Scheduling

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Virginia Tech has more than 20 residence halls and our Housing and Residence Life area maintains a large roster of resident advisers who monitor their respective residence halls.

Scheduling these resident advisers was accomplished by completing monthly schedules in spreadsheets for each residence hall. Those spreadsheets were then sent to three central communicators who would compile those monthly spreadsheets into a weekly schedule to be emailed to the various stakeholders.

Any changes in schedules would be communicated to those three central folks, who would edit the schedules and email them to the stakeholders. Stakeholders could receive up to 15 emails a week with edits, and keeping the weekly schedules up to date could take up to 3 hours a week collectively. 

We centralized all the information into SharePoint using a variety of lists and data points. The schedules are still compiled on spreadsheets, which now live within the SharePoint site and have been automated to only require the email address of the student. All other information matches the data in SharePoint, and the data is copied from the Excel spreadsheet into SharePoint in the beginning of the month.

From there, the Senior Resident Advisers have the capability of making schedule changes for their respective buildings. The stakeholders no longer receive 15 emails a week; they now can view an up-to-date schedule directly on SharePoint, showing the supervisory staff as well as the resident advisers on call.

We estimate this new process will save the central communicators upwards of 20 hours a month while saving the stakeholders much time in retrieving the information they need.


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