Use Case – Assessment and Professional Development

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Our Assessment and Professional Development team have embraced the use of SharePoint and Office365 for two of their main processes: Program Review and area Assessment Plans.

Program Review

Each department is responsible for completing a program review every five years, much like our campus accreditation process in my previous employment. The process includes reviewers from multiple departments, students, and people from throughout the university.

Starting last year, all the Program Reviews were moved to SharePoint, which has helped everyone stay connected. With everyone able to access and review the documents at any given time, it has cut down on the amount of meeting time needed, and those working more extensively on these reviews are able to work together in the same document as appropriate. The results of the Program Reviews are then kept online in a secure environment, limiting access only to those need to know.

Assessment Plans

Each area in the division is responsible for completing annual assessment plans including missions, goals, and objectives. They work with representatives from each department. Previously, each of the departments housed the plans either on their own shared drives, or within the Assessment shared drive. In both cases, by keeping those documents on physical file servers, they were not living documents, and it made collaboration difficult. By moving those files into the SharePoint environment, all of the stakeholders have access to the files and can work together.


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