Use Case – Document Templates

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

One of the first projects I worked on within our division was the creation of a document library featuring document templates. We have an internal student-facing initiative called the Keystone Experience, and departments that work with students are encouraged to submit “Happenings” for our students to attend throughout the semester.

The initial idea of just placing a template in the library for people to download was quickly rejected due to the nature of human error – someone could go in and place their own “Happening” within the template document rather than upload a new file, the result of which would mean lost files.

The solution was to use SharePoint’s Content Type feature and create a template for the document library to use. Employees can simply click “New” from within the document library and a blank form appears for them to use. By using a template directly within SharePoint, we eliminated the need for people to download a template file from the site and thus reducing the margin for error. Users can just create a file, rename it in the black bar, and the committee has all the information they need to approve or reject the “Happenings” and therefore whether or not it is included in the Keystone Experience.


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