Use Case – Leave Calendar

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Several departments in our division decided to implement a leave calendar for their areas. Some decided to use it as a “notification” calendar, where people post their personal time off without the need for approvals, where as some areas wanted to include an approval work flow for their leave calendars.

This good work was started with by a new administrative person who thought capturing the leave request approvals on the team’s SharePoint calendar would be a good place to start. When I asked team leaders if they wanted to attach that to an approval workflow and make this an electronic process, their eyes lit up and we scheduled a meeting to implement this process for them.

We replaced their paper form with an electronic one in SharePoint and set up a workflow that emails approvers the leave requests, provides them a link to approve or reject the leave requests, and then shows the leave requests on the calendar. The requester will also receive confirmation emails of completion with either approval or rejection noted in the email.

Since then, other departments have taken this approach and it’s helped keep track of employee status within their respective areas, reducing the amount of paperwork and tracking.


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