Use Case – Communications

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Since I had experience with SharePoint in my previous educational environment, I was asked to be one of the SharePoint Coordinators for our team. I knew that SharePoint could be a helpful tool for us, but it does have somewhat of a steep learning curve. We needed a reason to go there.

I decided to learn a little bit about the person who keeps us all on track, and the central communicator on our team. If I could make her life a little easier with little implementations, perhaps we could get more of the team to use SharePoint.

I started with placing our meeting notes on SharePoint, and then implementing a template for our Tuesday meetings and another for our Thursday Project Meetings.

A couple of things happened as a result of this:

  • We now had a reason to go to SharePoint
  • Everyone had access to the meeting notes and could make our own updates or enter “all star nominations”
  • If we are out of the office, we can still add items to the agenda for notification and discussion
  • We don’t need to email the meeting notes to all recipients anymore – we can review them on SharePoint
  • We have close to a full year’s worth of meeting archives in one document, which means searches are a lot easier.

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