Use Case – Marketing Department

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In meeting with a number of departments, I see some basic interest in this new platform, some healthy skepticism, and mostly just an overall question of What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?

To answer the WIIFM question, it comes down to having just one project, or one piece of the puzzle where SharePoint can help you.

Maximizer is one of my strengths, which means that I recognize we’re already doing fantastic work. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel and move everything to SharePoint and spend months in the implementation of it. We just need SharePoint to be the (or at least an) answer to a problem.

I thought I would spend the remainder of the year exploring the use cases that we’re seeing in our division, and I’ll start off with the use case from my experience in my previous employment.

SharePoint Use Case – Marketing Department

When I worked in my last educational environment, SharePoint was the answer to one useless process that cost us a lot of wasted time. One person was spending 2 solid weeks each quarter making 30 binders for campuses to capture marketing materials. After some probing into the usefulness of these binders, we found that nobody referred to the binders except once every 5 years when they were pulled out of a closet for accreditation purposes. The main reason: the binders were already out of date before they were created, and so they were used for archival purposes only.

I connected with our SharePoint team and asked for a better solution. I think they gave us a document library on each campus subsite. Either that, or they created 30 document libraries on our site and linked them to the campus subsites.

The end result was the same: we had “folders” in which we placed all marketing materials for each campus as they were created.

  • This meant that campuses could view the latest creatives as they appeared on TV or in the newspapers, and not 3 months later.
  • It also meant that they could remove the 20 binders from their closets and repurpose that space for something else.
  • And the accreditation team was happy because they could just skim through the creatives electronically, and not have to deal with 5 years’ worth of binders.
  • It also saved our team needing to scramble to provide materials for our internal accreditation team if they forgot to notify us of upcoming accreditation visits.

Just this one project saved us 8 weeks of work for one of our employees per year. That translated into 320 hours of work time that we could repurpose for other projects.


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