Creating a view for specific users

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

When you are creating solutions for different people, you often want to limit the information shown to only the user to whom the information applies. Once example of this is My Tasks, for which a “My Tasks” view already exists out of the box. But what if you need to create that type of view in a different list?

Creating a view specific to the user who is looking at it, is actually surprisingly easy to do by using List Views.

The only thing you need to be sure about is that your list contains a “People or Group” column type that you can leverage.

To access the view options, click on the name of the list, and then from the LIST TAB at the top of the screen, select Create View if you want to create a new view, or Modify View if you want to change the current view.

Scroll down to the FILTER options for your view, and choose the appropriate “People or Group” field for your list. In some cases it’s Assigned To, in others it’s Created By, and in your own list it could be whatever you named the field.

Once you’ve chosen your field, select “is equal to” from the drop-down, and type [Me] in the value box.

Using [Me] takes the information and only shows the applicable information for which that person’s name exists in the chosen field. Using this option is a great way to hide other people’s information from the specific user.


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