Quickly adding more than one row or column

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

When working with spreadsheets, we often find that we need to insert a column or row into a document. The way we do that is by clicking on the column or row labels (column letters or row numbers), and using either right-click or the ribbon commands to add a column or row.

If you need to insert multiple columns and multiple rows, doing so one at a time can waste quite a bit of time.

To add more rows, click on the row label at the row below the spot where you want to insert rows.

Then select more rows by holding down the shift-key and using the down arrow, or by clicking on the nth row, and then choosing your regular insert method. This will allow you to insert more than one row, at exactly the spot you want.

For columns, the procedure is similar: click on the column label to the right of where the new column should appear. Use the shift-key and right arrow, or click on the nth column, and then use your regular insert method.

When I first introduce this to people they are sometimes apprehensive that the data in the selected rows or columns will be replaced or deleted, but rest assured, the data just moves.


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