Forms: Text, Rating, and Date

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

The rating and date question types are pretty self-explanatory, (just like most of the other question types).

The rating lets you choose between 5 and 10 point rating, and whether you want stars or a number. Woohoo!

The date field has no options. You just enter a date, that’s it. On the preview of the survey or quiz it has a date picker which is kind of neat.

Text Question Type

The text question allows for single-line, and multi-line answers. It also has the capability for making it only accept numbers, which you add by choosing “restrictions” from the ellipses menu.

Within the Restrictions, you have a drop-down menu with a bunch of different types of restrictions.

If you use the restrictions options, then I would suggest you add some kind of subtitle to the question that provides instructions for the end-user.

Forms - text restrictions


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