Promoted Links: how to show more than 30 links on a page

SharePoint: Promoted Links - Pinterest Board

Excuse my while I rant for a little bit… I’ll get on topic, I promise.
Microsoft for some reason seems to think that all users in the world want the same thing. We all want promoted links that scroll off to the right and don’t wrap on the page, and we only ever need to display 30 links at any given time.

I dealt with the scrolling issue a while back on our SharePoint site by using the wrapping code in this blog post. I ran into the limitation of 30 links while creating the Strengths “Pinterest” board, because, well, there are 34 strengths in Clifton Strengthsfinder, and I am sure the folks who have Self-Assurance, Significance, Strategic, and/or Woo would like to see their strengths listed along with the others.

This limitation of the 30 links though was another one of those “REALLY???” moments. I don’t know why this can’t just be an option in a menu, but Microsoft has just placed a limit of 30 links on a page. OK. Rant over. Let’s get down to how to fix Microsoft’s out of the box solution.

Changing the Tiles View in SharePoint Designer

Most of the time 30 links is more than you need, but in some cases (such as with our Strengths page) we need it to show more than 30 links. The problem is that Tiles is set to ReadOnly, so you cannot modify the settings on the Tile view without first setting the Tile view to ReadOnly=FALSE. You need SharePoint Designer to make that adjustment to the Tile view.

Open SharePoint Designer, then navigate to the list you’re wanting to change. Click on the Tiles link. This will give you the code for the Tiles page.

At the bottom of the code, we have the following:


The key I have found for this is to change the following settings:

  • Change ReadOnly=”TRUE” to ReadOnly=”FALSE”
  • I left pagination on, and just changed the rowlimit from 30 to 999.

Then I saved it.

Just a note: WebParts don’t automatically update when you change the view, so if you created a page and placed the promoted links WebPart on it, to get all the promoted links to show, you have to edit the WebPart and then choose Tiles view again.

By having set ReadOnly to FALSE you are now also able to create any kind of view based on the Tiles view so you can configure other options for showing your tiles you need to.


4 thoughts on “Promoted Links: how to show more than 30 links on a page”

  1. Is there another way of showing more than 30 links, either with or without SharePoint Designer? I previously used the above method and it worked, however the web part has mysteriously reset itself to 30 links. When I went back to change the code again, I found that the section of code was missing. As I am not an ‘IT whizz’ I am reluctant to just start typing in bits of code without fully understanding what it will do.


    1. I’m not aware of a way to accomplish this without the code on the back end, though it’s always possible that MS changes how it handles this. I do know that any time you change the list you also have to update the webpart on the page. If you find an alternative way to do it, please share.


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