Using multiple views to display information

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

One rather powerful yet in some cases little-known, feature of SharePoint is the ability to create and then use Custom Views. I have talked about custom views a few times in this blog so far. We created custom views in a discussion board so that we could then attach alerts to them, thus allowing us to customize how we choose to have certain topics delivered to us.

For site owners, creating numerous views allows us the flexibility to customize pages and displaying only the information we’re interested in. Rather than creating multiple lists, or using lots of folders, we can create one list and use custom views to display them onto a page. Using custom views allows those pages to be somewhat dynamic.

Using views in this way allows you as a site owner to minimize access to the configuration panels, while still granting access to all the information available on the site. In the case of the template page, creating separate views allowed me to display content in three separate columns, while still only keeping the information in one list.


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