Sharing Subfolders using Outlook

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Working in a team environment means collaboration and cooperation. Oftentimes, there is also a need for someone to “cover” for someone else while they are on extended leave, and having access to their email folder would be quite handy.

In my previous work environment, as the head of the marketing department, I was the point person for most of the communications that came into our team, but that did not mean that I needed to handle everything that came in. With the handy-dandy filtering capabilities, as well as the option to share specific folders in my email client, I was able to effectively delegate without always needing to “forward” emails. My team could just add my folder to their email client, and then were able to work independently, without seeing the contents of my main inbox.

In order to share Outlook subfolders with another user, you need to give them the desired permission to the folder – at least Reviewer, so they can see the contents – and at least Folder visible permission to every folder above the shared subfolder.

To share the folder, right click on the folder name, and choose Properties. Go to the permissions tab and assign permissions to the person you want to share with.

Every folder in the path above your shared folder needs to have at least “Folder visible” permission, up through to the top level. To hide the contents of all the folders above the shared folder, make sure you keep the following settings:

  • Read: None
  • Delete items: None
  • Write: keep all unchecked
  • Other: only check “Folder Visible”

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