Moving Web Parts within a page

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In Internet Explorer, it is possible to move web parts around on a page, so if you have a 3-column text layout page, and you want to move the content from one column to another, you can easily click and drag the web parts.

This can be especially helpful when you have a lot of text content on a page. Organizing that content in Content Editor Web Parts can really save some time down the road.

Unfortunately, some people have a tendency to type all of their content into the large “zone” areas of a page, rather than using the Content Editor web part. I am guilty of this myself as well.

Dealing with the Content Editor web part can be a little cumbersome, and it seems that there is an extra step to using them, and that is why people sometimes choose not to use it as much as they should. It’s hard sometimes to think in the future and the possibility that you might want to rearrange the content on a page.

By not using the Content Editor Web Part you will have to copy and paste text from one spot on the page to another, and sometimes formatting gets lost – especially on links. I have found myself needing to recreate links more often than I care to know, and each time I do, I come to the realization that I probably should have used a Content Editor Web Part from the outset.

So to recap: to add content to a SharePoint page, use the Content Editor Web Part.

How to do that:
From the INSERT tab, choose Web Part
From the Media and Content folder, choose Content Editor.

To change the header, click on the little triangle, choose Edit Web Part, then under Appearance, change the heading from Content Editor to your preferred header. If you do not wish the header to show, select None from the dropdown under Chrome Type. The header will continue to show in edit more, so you will see it until you hit Save on the page.

To change the content, the Content Editor Web Part needs to be in edit mode. You can then click on the content within the web part itself and make the changes you need to make.

NOTE: Only site owners with full control access have the ability to edit Content Editor webparts. 


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