Moving OneNote files within SharePoint and OneDrive

Export OneNote File

Sometimes you will have the need to move a OneNote file from one SharePoint location to another, or you may have a OneNote file that you want to move from your OneDrive to a spot on SharePoint.

Accomplishing this task is a three-step process, and requires access to a desktop version of OneNote.

Step 1: Open the Notebook in question

Then choose “Open in OneNote”

Step 2: Export the OneNote file

From the File tab, choose Export, then Notebook, and choose OneNote Package. Click Export. Save the file to your local computer or in a OneDrive folder on your machine. You will delete this file once you have completed the process.

Step 3: Open the *.onepkg file you just created

When it opens, it will ask you where you want to save it. You will want to open your browser to the SharePoint site where the file will be saved, and select the document library in which the OneNote notebook will now live. Copy the web address of the SharePoint site and paste it into the Path field. Using the Browse button will help you best pinpoint where you need to be on your SharePoint site.



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