Column Types: Yes/No

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

If all you need is a simple checkbox to be checked for yes or unchecked no, then the Yes/No column type is your friend. We used this one for the Keystone Happenings list, where we wanted certain documents to be “promoted” to the top of the list, and other items are shown below that. That way all the instructions can be shown at the top of the list, and all the happenings can appear below. The completed field within a task item often acts as a Yes/No field as well. When you export the list out to an Excel file, it will show TRUE or FALSE in the column.

Here is what Microsoft has to say about this column type:

Use this column field type to store true/false or yes/no information, such as whether someone will attend an event. A Yes/No column appears as a single check box when people enter information about an item. To indicate Yes, team members select the check box. To indicate No, team members clear the check box.

The data in a Yes/No column can be used in calculations for other columns. In these cases, Yes is converted to a numeric value of one (1) and No is converted to a numeric value of zero (0).

You can customize a Yes/No column by choosing a default value for it. A default value is the selection that appears automatically when someone adds a new item. People can select a different value if they need to do so. For a Yes/No column you can specify whether the check box is selected automatically, indicating a Yes value, or not, indicating a No value.


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