Using Templates in OneNote

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

For some reason, templates in OneNote are not tied to a document; rather they are computer-specific and can only be applied using the desktop version of OneNote. Therefore you will need to add templates to your own computer before you will be able to apply them to the document.

Creating Templates

  • Go to INSERT | Page Templates | Page Templates
  • Design or choose page from which you want to create a template you want to add, and at the bottom right of the Page Template panel, it has a link for “add template” – click on that, and name your template.
  • Then choose the next page, and follow the same instructions.

Whichever template you want to be the default for the section that you’re working with, set as the default.

To use the templates in your document

  • Go to INSERT | Page Templates | Page Templates
  • On the drop down menu, either choose the template you want (if it’s shown), or
  • Click on Page Templates

You will have a list of templates on the right hand side of your screen.

Click on the template you want; it will create a new page with that template.


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