Handy newsletters for learning Word and Excel

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Have you ever been frustrated, knowing that Word or Excel can probably do something, and that you’re missing out?

In this post I want to share a resource that I have been using for many years. A gentleman by the name of Alan Wyatt began creating a tips site for all kinds of things, but especially for Excel and for Word.

He publishes weekly newsletters for Word with Ribbon (Word 2007-present) and Excel with Ribbon (Excel 2007-present) which contain 4 tips for each. He also continues to support the older versions of Word and Excel, which he calls “Word Menu” and “Excel Menu”, because they handled everything via a menu standpoint instead of the ribbon, which is a more graphical way for us to find our tools.

He also publishes “Daily Nuggets” for both Excel and Word, which contain 1 tip per work day. The daily nuggets are different tips than those which appear in the weekly email.

I subscribed to his emails back during the Office 97 days, and I take for granted now all of the things I have learned from him and his readers over the years. I also was pleased to contribute to some of his tips over the years as well.


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