Using the Group By feature in your list views

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

One of my favorite features in the list view is the ability to group the list by certain items. I just wish it let me group by more than 2 columns.

Group By helps declutter a list and let you choose what you want to see.

I used the group by feature at my previous employment religiously when I was reviewing the task list for our department. I could group by the person responsible for doing the job. SharePoint Online handles this a little differently, and Group By doesn’t work on the Assigned To field, but we have workarounds for that, which I will cover in future posts.

Our department also has an Outcome Tracking subsite where we are tracking our Missions, Goals, and Objectives. Using the Group By feature lets us group our list of tactics by Goal, then Outcome. On the task level, we sort by Outcome, then Tactics.

Once we have a good list of completed tasks, I can export that to an Excel sheet where we can use Pivot Tables and other such tools to help track how many tasks were completed toward each goal.


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