Exporting SharePoint data to an Excel spreadsheet

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

The connection between SharePoint and Excel is a handy one to know about.

SharePoint has a feature that lets you export data to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can then save that Spreadsheet back into SharePoint.

Why is this handy?

It lets you create a read-only view of data that comes from a list you manage.

Why would you ever need this?

I use this feature periodically when I want to run analysis on data from a SharePoint list. For the categories in a community site, I use it to provide me a reference sheet with category IDs so I can create custom views.

OK, so how do I do it?

Exporting to Excel can be done from most lists, and the feature can be found under the LIST tab.

It will initially want to open the file in the desktop version of Excel.

Then when you go to save it, choose the Your Company – Sites option and paste in the address for the document library where this file should live. If you don’t have a document library on your site, you will need to add one.

Once you have saved the file back on to SharePoint, you can then use the file link to connect it to a page, or a discussion item.


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