OneNote and Your Phone

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Typing up notes after a meeting can be pretty tedious. If I had a stylus with my device I might write notes on my laptop, but I find I write shorthand faster on paper than I do using an electronic device. Afterwards, typing things up afterwards is annoying and time consuming.

One way to make this process much faster, is to use the microphone on your mobile phone. My android phone voice recorder does a decent job of dictation. I had once used it to dictate a 7-page printed document into electronic format.

I have the OneNote app on my Android, and when I want to dictate meeting notes, I create a new page and hit the microphone button. Then I read the notes that I just took from the meeting and OneNote transcribes them for me. It’s not perfect, and you have to spend a bit of time formatting, but it does beat having to type every word.


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