Using RSS feeds with SharePoint apps

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

Oftentimes it’s easier to work in SharePoint when you have RSS feeds of changes sent straight to your Outlook or to your preferred RSS reader.

What is RSS?

If you’re not sure what an RSS reed is, it stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication according to It will enable you to get updates to announcements lists and other SharePoint apps so you can stay informed about ideas, recommendations, and other information shared by your SharePoint users.

How is RSS useful to me?

The benefit for me in subscribing is that I can receive the RSS feed in my Outlook and have the quick info at my viewing pleasure while sorting through my emails, calendar appointments, and tasks. I also like that I’ll be able to keep the past RSS feeds handy for future reference.

How do I get this RSS feed?

On a regular SharePoint site, click the LIST tab and select the RSS feed icon. Then copy and paste the link into your RSS reader, or in Outlook, go to Account Settings, then RSS feeds, then New, and paste the location there. If you are on a Blog site, you can click the RSS FEED link under the Blog photo.  You’ll likely be asked in a pop up window to either Launch Application or Do Nothing; choose Launch Application.



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