Using OneNote to organize my communication plans

Office 365 / SharePoint Blog

onenote-pagelist-blurredI tend to craft a lot of my division-wide email messages in OneNote before I actually mail them out. I do this for 2 reasons:

  1. I like to refer back to the emails I already sent, which is easier to do when I have the emails in one document rather than all over my Outlook sent items or inbox
  2. I often plan out my communications in advance and don’t like having them sitting in draft mode or anywhere near my email until I am ready.

I do the same with blog posts. Some days can generate 3-4 posts and other days I get zip. I try to post one each day, so I plan the extra blog posts out in advance so I can use them on days when I don’t have fresh content.

I use the tip from January 28th post about using OneNote as a Task List to help separate my content.

I was initially using sections to organize my content, but I found having to flip back and forth between sections too cumbersome and I had a hard time finding my content. The search feature works better within a section as well.


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