Changing the cell movement after Enter (Excel)

o365-excelNormally when you’re using Excel and you hit the Enter key, your cursor moves down to the next row.

Today I was creating a spreadsheet and I needed to fill in data cross a row and into multiple columns, so I needed set my Enter key to move to the right. I knew this was possible, so I used my trusty friend Google to find the answer quickly.

​This tip comes from ExcelTips (Ribbon).

  • Display the Excel Options box by going to the File Tab, then clicking Options.
  • Under the Advanced Tab, the first option has the answer you need.
  • Make sure the “After pressing Enter, move selection” checkbox is checked.
  • You can set the “After pressing Enter, move selection” dropdown to up, down, left or right.
  • Then click OK

When you’re done with your spreadsheet, just go through these steps again to set it to your normal default.


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