Using Delve to view shared files

Office365 / SharePoint Blog

As always, when you’re trying to show someone a feature, you discover another feature, right? So it was today.

I discovered an almost hidden portion of Delve, that should ultimately prove to be very handy. I noticed that there was a “One Drive for Business” link at the bottom recent activity box in someone’s profile.

I clicked on it, and it shows me the person’s One Drive with only the folders that are shared with me. For most people, that’s the “Shared with Everyone” folder, which for many, is empty.

On the left, however, is a handy link called Shared Files.

Click on that, and you will see which files from that person’s OneDrive are shared with you.

Since there are numerous ways to see shared files, including Delve, and OneDrive’s “Shared with me” view, this may not be something you are terribly excited about, but I thought it was a nice find, and so I’m sharing it with you.


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